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23 November 2008 @ 05:49 am
Please Help. I'm having this awful nightmare. Everywhere I look. Everywhere I turn. I see this fool with delusions of grandeur. This annoying woman who doesn't know third grade geography. An airhead who can't answer a simple question with a teleprompter.

When asked about Palin stealing the conference, the look in their faces said it all. In their minds, they triggered a trap door on her the moment she took the podium.

Then when I wake up. Sarah's still there.

The Republicans Governors Association recently held their annual meeting in Miami. And our Favorite Fool is again asserting herself. Placing herself on the pedestal for all the world to see and admire. Excuse me. Who are you again? The one and only avid subsciber to All Of 'Em & Any Of 'Em magazines. Repubicans belittled our intelligence by introducing George W. Bush. But I', afraid they have succeeded in outdoing themselves with Palin.

Greta Van Sustrein notion that Sarah Palin is taking America by storm is one way of putting it. Fox Propaganda Channel continues it's mission of promoting this woman, force-feeding America this clueless umbilical who has no clue of the state of the world around her.

Let do we start? How about her puck dropping at the Flyers home opener. The booing was so loud it was deafening. Or the time she was booed in Western PA & gave a big shout out to the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Need I go on?

Unfortunately, yes.

How low can you go?

That's a good question. And it's one posed to Sarah Palin even now as we speak.

Recently, Frontier Fannie held an NBC affiliate interview. She optioned to have a Master Butcher slaughter live turkeys to serve as the "scenic Alaskan backdrop". The grotesque video is available on YouTube. Sufficed to say, Palin held an extensive in depth interview as numerous turkeys were making peace with Their Maker. A morbid image which has made me forgo turkey his year. I always knew turkeys didn't magically appear in the meat section. Yet somehow seeing it squirm for life has made me reevaluate my need for carnivorous gratification.
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13 November 2008 @ 07:35 am
Few presidents have left such a negative stain on the presidential legacy as the Imperialistic George W. Bush. The Good 'O Boy, Never Meanin' No Harm. Wait a minute. That's the lyrics from The Dukes Of Hazard. When did that become the prerequisite for The Leader Of The Free World? Somewhere. Somehow I don't exactly when. Republicans thought of this as the worthy successor to the Clinton Administration. The Golden Age Of Peace & Prosperity. Albeit one stained with some personal indiscretions. Personally I prefer the stain of a dress compared to the international historical stain left by W.

So there you go America. Dick Cheney and Puppet Leader George W. Bush. And here I thought all the puppet leaders reside in Banana Republics. Picture the El Presidente episode of Gilligan's Island. Funny even in it's 1,000,000th viewing. Never thought that would be a microcosm of my country.

W made his views on Iraq quite clear, for quite some time. "He tried to kill my daddy." Make no mistake. This paraphrased quote is the Real Justification for the Iraqi War. Not Phantom WMD. What genius would divert valuable resources when The Enemy is cornered and on the run? Instead of capturing or killing the enemy, let's all "create" a new one? Hussein committed atrocities on his own people Bush claimed. True. Yet American has known this fact for decades. That was common knowledge when the U.S. funded The Iran/Iraq War of the 80's. There is a very famous black & white photo of Donald Rumsfield & Saddam Hussein smiling while shaking hand. Funny how his nefarious crimes and dictatorship was perfectly acceptable back then. Huh?

The New Order Like shredding of the Constitution and implantation a tyrannical intrusion upon our privacy & civil rights brought a chill down my spine. Is this The United States Of America in name only? Have we infact elected a president or a would be puppet leader dictator? And God forbid you speak out against Darth Vader Cheney & Imperial Grand Moff Bush. And behind it all, the cloaked Emperor Karl Rove. You were pegged a traitor and viled in the media.

If you don't support the war. Your automatically anti-troops. Really? The fact that I don't want them to die in vain is being anti? I always thought wanting to protect life is being pro. Silly me. Like Joseph McCarthy Communist Witch Hunts all over again. . The Patriot, Act was a twisted way of brainwashing us to relinquish our personal rights under the guise of our protection. I am not alone in this conspiracy theory thinking. Former short-lived Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. God Bless Him. A Really Republican, not a member of the dreaded Neo-Cons, also believes this to be true. By subjecting your our citizens, especially the ones who have lived here all their lives and who have no record whatsoever, to degrading scrutiny just to board a plane is acknowledging that the terrorists have won. There goes the "free" in free country. Think about it. Like a Twilight Zone pathway to Fahrenheit 451.

A pathway that Sarah Palin would like to continue. While in Alaska, she wanted to institute a book ban. Ray Bradbury must have been Nostradamus. A rather length listed that included many classic literature titles. A scary experiment into fascism.

I hope the new administration revisits, the Patriot, Act. Sure we need to protect this country. But at what price? Tap all our phones? Read our emails? Eye spy our every move? I don't know about you, but I don't feel free anymore. We can protect this country from harm without taking it out on it's citizens.

Not long ago, a woman attempted to handcuff Emperor Palpatine Karl Rove. Unfortunately the brave soul was intercepted by stormtrooper security. It was a symbolic gesture. Yes. A desperate attempt at demanding justice and accountability. But it seems clearly evident that symbolic justice is the only justice these individuals are likely to recieve.

In a recent interview, W was asked if he made any mistakes. He couldn't name one. So pompous and unapologetic. Unbelievable. You sir are the closest thing this country has had to a dictator. And as his final days are coming to a close, he's used his executive orders to sleep with Big Business one last time while shortchanging worker rights and the environment. Classic W.

January 20 can not come soon enough. It is the official day that you leave office and begin your sentence into The Phantom Zone. Where you will join the likes of vile criminals like General Zod. Although Zod never smeared a country's reputation or cost the country a trillion dollars.

Oh well. Good Bye & Good Riddance.
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12 November 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Fair & Balanced Fox News, that's an oxymoron, serves as comic relief. Their selection of news is sometimes questionable. And I find myself shaking my head most of the time. Like the time they did a "news" piece on the perils of spring break partying. In the process of doing so, they flashed five continuous minutes of thong bikinied girls dancing. Was the "effect" really necessary to convey your point? Or more recently O'Reilly showing Heidi Klum's Guitar Hero commercial 4x in an attempt to denounce the commercial's initial viewing?

In any case. There is this is a lone sparkling gem within that news organization. A diamond in the rough. A contributor who is very easy on the eyes while very good at what she does. An excellent professional worthy of a real news organization like CNN. That Fox News rarity, of course, is the striking Kirsten Powers.

The Huffington Post blogger is an intellectual goddesses. A pure joy to watch. Kirsten possesses a subtle sensuality. Unlike the rest of Fox's Brainless Barbies who go out of their way to show off plenty of leg but no much between the ears.

When she looks straight into the camera. I just melt. My heart goes pitter-patter. My hands begin to sweat. Never has someone looked so damn hot without even trying to.

When she speaks. Time stands still. I listen attentively. And savor every nugget of information that comes from that beautiful mouth.

And when you finish your argument, I sigh. You win Kirsten. The argument and my heart.

You consistently destroy Loony Ann Coulter, Obliterate Mad Man Sean Hannity. Time. And time. And time again. Without ever raising your voice or resorting to their deplorable tactics, you calmly counter thoughtful insight-leaving them gawking and feeling much shame.

You are the only are their only coherent & effective Democratic voice.

That a girl, Kirsten.

Intelligence never looked so sexy.

I guess one thing is quite obvious. The fact that I harbor an adolescent crush on the dreamy, steamy Kirsten Powers.

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11 November 2008 @ 02:57 am
I hate to beat a Dead Horse. Seriously. But once again I must turn to the Republican Gift That Keeps On Giving, Sarah Palin. For someone who avoided the media spotlight, fearing endless gaffes. She seems to have enjoyed a Renaissance of sorts. Now that she cost McCain the election. The brainless wonder is doing the next best thing.

Advance her own career.

Placing Country First Sarah?

Among her horrendous bloopers and distractions was the $150,0000 wardrobe the Sarah & her family were garnished in.

Sorry Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Honey, I love you. I really do. You are a cutie. But you are a politically diluted soul. It's not sexist Elisabeth. It's principal.

The hockey mom next door who's just like you and me. Spends $150,000 on wardrobe?

The good governor downplays the Beverly Hills Fashion Fantasy, insisting she had nothing to do with it. What's the old saying? Admit nothing? It belongs to the RNC. Not me. But Sarah you are drastically missing the point. The point that should be clear as day. The sheer outrageousness of the action.

The fact that no department. No individual will take specific responsibility for this decision. Who? Who decided to throw money into the toilet then brush it off with that phony wink and smile.

The loyal Republican donors, no doubt some of them must have been hit hard by the economic crisis, opened their wallets and pocketbooks to contribute to the campaign. I really don't think they had her trendy wardrobe in mind. Seeing how the campaign was vastly behind in campaign advertising, those donations should've been used to purchase commercial airtime.

They trusted the RNC to use those funds wisely. Sadly that trust was fundamentally broken. Shame on you RNC. You should offer a refund. But. Seeing how you probably don't know exactly whose donation contributed to the wardrobe, I guess you should refund everyone!

Somehow giving those overpriced duds to charity doesn't rectify the situation. Charities like The Red Cross, The Salvation Army & March Of Dimes would rather receive monetary funds. But perhaps I'm just being logical. Silly me.
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09 November 2008 @ 08:55 pm
It seemed simply enough. A Katie Couric interview. Not Meet The Press. Not Face The Nation. Not This Week With David Brinkley (Now with George Stephanopoulos). Couric, the softball journalist, whose claim to fame is interviewing celebrities about their love life and latest projects. Then the Montreal radio station prank which anyone with half a brain could tell was a fake. Clearly she's had her head in the sand for quite some time. Totally ignorant of any meaningful foreign affairs or current events. Otherwise my dear, you would have some idea of how the French Leader sounds like. His exploits have clearly been documented on television and The Internet. I know I do.

But even before all that. The disastrous in depth Charlie Gibson interview special. Liberal Mainstream Media aside. Gibson's questions were more than fair. I knew the answers to his questions off the top of my head. And this is from someone whose only claim to fame is holding the presidency of my senior class student company.

Former beauty queen runner up who took a number of years to graduate from no name colleges and achieve a bachelor's degree in journalism. I never went to Harvard like Barrack Obama but I did graduate with a 3.87 from Temple University in four years. Thank you.

Africa is a continent? The nations who encompass the NAFTA Treaty? A kinder gardener's view on the world? No. No. No. Au contraire. It's simply Silly Sarah Palin's college educated view towards the world around her. The fact that this person would be a heartbeat away from the presidency is more scary than funny. Dan Quayle's spelling of potato could be excused as a brain cramp. But Palin is a Walkin' Talkin' 24/7 Brain Cramp. Lady, your vice presidential nomination is a slap in the face to us all. We the people who are informed at current events and yet consider ourselves not worthy or competent for such a gaudy and significant position. Our humility prevents us from displaying the unconscionable arrogance that this Frontier Fannie displays.

Listen to the prank call on Governor Palin on YouTube for yourself. The vast self appreciation in her voice. President in 8 years? Perhaps the president of Clown College. Not the United States. Then again. I take that back. Ringling Brothers clowns are talented and well trained. They are great at their craft. Sarah is simply great at being a stupid. Her gleeful joy at killing innocent animals is sick. God left man as stewards of his creation. Not at your senseless slaughter. Shame on you lady. And I use that term very lightly. Your desire and quest to be the first female vice-president in history was thankfully quenched. But rest assured Sarah. You will go down in history. As the stupidest and worst vice-presidential candidate in U.S. history. You have more than earned the right and privilege of assuming that mantle. Somewhere out there, Dan Quayle is smiling.
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09 November 2008 @ 08:52 pm
During his brief stay with the Penguins, Marian Hossa meshed well his superstar Sidney Crosby. Burying crisp passes as Pittsburgh came within two games of Hockey's Holy Grail. The outcome was heartbreaking. But when Hossa chose not to resign with the Penguins, it was only a partial disappointment. Good riddance to anyone who doesn't truly want to play here. And, on a slightly more distant note. The subconscious relief of not seeing the player whose accidental stick, all but ruined one of my personal favorites, Bryan Berard.

Born in the New England town of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Berard dazzled the scouts with his skills. From an early age, you could tell he was something special. Whose limits would only be determined by his will. Desire. Or fate. He was the lone sparking gem in an underachieving '96 U.S. World Junior Team. Whose futility was summarized by a fifth place finish. A medal of any type was not to be.

The Ottawa Senators wisely took him first overall. But Bryan Berard refused to play. The lone action of his which I disagreed with (Testing positive for steroids in '06 too). I knew it was a big mistake. One he would regret, down the road. Needless to say, Mike Milbury featured him as the centerpiece in an Islanders Renaissance. A Calder Trophy followed. Stability did not. Berard's stay on Long Island lasted slightly longer than that horrendous Fisherman Logo. Milbury shipped him off to Toronto for fading Felix Potvin. He seemed somewhat lost as a Maple Leaf. While his defensive play improved, the explosive offensive threat vanished. Where's the Bryan Berard who engineered 48 & 46 point seasons? The star I emulated while skating on frozen Abington ponds? Where did he go? Shortly after, the horrible eye injury ensued. An accidental stick follow-through by Ottawa's Marian Hossa. My heart sank. The loud shattering of my dropped glass summed up the occasion perfectly.

Berard went through many frustrating moments. Numerous painstaking eye surgeries. Yet. He still found the time to answer my fan letter, by sending me an autographed photo. Perhaps that's what they mean, about hockey players being a different breed. In an age characterized by Scrooge-like greed and selfishness, Berard showed character by returning his insurance settlement in favor of an unlikely, comeback attempt. He's had limited success. His best season was with the Chicago Blackhawks, when he was awarded the Bill Masterson Trophy. But aside from Columbus' two-year contract, clubs have been reluctant to offer any kind of contract security. A pattern which will likely continue.

Funny how destiny works sometimes. Had Berard committed himself to the Ottawa Senators, his future would've probably been brighter. Though the pressure to succeed would be higher, the opportunity was perhaps richer. The pieces were there. Alexandre Daigle, Daniel Alfredsson, Alexei Yashin, Shawn McEachern, Steve Duchesne & the late Sergei Zholtok. One can only imagine the endless possibilities. With so many tools at his disposal, Bryan Berard would have undoubtedly surpassed the 48 points he recorded as a Islander. Savvy veteran Duchesne would've served as an excellent mentor.

As Wade Redden's tenure with Ottawa finally came to a close, one can't help but wonder. What different path Bryan Berard's career would have taken? What would he have accomplished in those eleven years? His mouthwatering skills and dedication would have meshed beautifully, with the host of stars that have came to wear the Senator's jersey. Certainly a perennial All-Star selection. And perhaps, even on track to the Hall Of Fame. One can only, sadly ponder.
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