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26 April 2010 @ 10:41 pm
Golden Raven Needs To Swoop Back To DC Universe  
She was the beautiful leggy 10. A raven-haired vixen clad in a golden yellow costume-a lemon bodysuit with a flowing cape which came in handy when she swoops in the ski. A dreamgirl with a bite. Your perfect fantasy. Except she was a criminal. A thief with a fetish for stealing golden aviary objects. Sort of a Catwoman. Without the cats.

Her appearances are sparse and quite rare. If you blink you'd probably miss it. Compared to our voluptuous villainess, Hailey's Comet is commonplace. But something about Golden Raven beckons for more. Something about her won't let me forget. Something about her won't let me just let it go as face value-a Hostess Fruit Pie Ad, to be glanced at and forgotten. Never to be spoken of or reminisced at all.

I'm sorry. But Golden Raven is better than that. Our lovely villainess deserves a reentry into the DC Universe that spawned her. She deserves a artist who does awesome work, someone like the Legendary Dan Jurgens. Golden Raven needs to swoop back into DC Comics and challenge our favourate winged avenger, Hawkman.