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15 June 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Remembering The Black Hole (1979)  
He remembered it vividly. Lunchboxes bearing the film's graphics clashing violently with that of Star Wars and another favorite gem of mine-Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Awesome show...though their decision to radically change direction in the 2nd season with The Searcher-a repainted Space Love Boat from the Ms. Cosmos episode. Ah what an episode. The mutant Sabrina with the micro mini skirt is one of my ultimate villainous vixen. I wouldn't mind interrogation by that lovely number. Wait a minute...I'm off track.

The Black Hole wanted desperately to cap on the Star Wars success. After Star Trek's failure. Lucas proved the Final Frontier was a gold mine if properly proposed. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was ever present and it appeared as a Battle Beyond The Stars. Yeah that was a cool TV mini-series/tele-movie with Hannibal from the A-Team, John Boy and the shapely Sybill Danning's sensuality. Anyway. As much as I wanted to see it in theatres. He never got a chance to see it on the Big Screen. Many reasons went into thought. Theatres kinda scared him. Darkness with creepy strangers.

But years later I picked up the DVD on sale mind you. I admit the 1st time I saw it I thought it was slow and kinda corny. But I gave the disc a 2nd chance and since that faithful moment, I've seen it close to 10x. I love it. The costume designer did a masterful job-especially Capt. Holland/Pizer's unies. Dr. Durant's grey sweater comes up beautifully on the DVD and McHale minus the Navy's costume is cool. Dr. McCrae-granted she isn't 20 in the role deserved a sexier costume. She obviously still have a tight sexy figure who has aged gracefully. Oh well. Perhaps watching spandex on Buck Rogers has poisoned me. Maybe. Robert Forster is superb as Captain Holland. Smooth, powerful voice. Cool demeanor. James T. Kirk could take a lesson or two. Pizer is annoying. I hate to tout my own horn. But I'd be better. Oh well... Maximillion Schell is wonderful as the handsome mad scientist reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein.

Once the green grid fades and the star-scape is present, I was intrigued. The Palomino appears to just pop up from nowhere unless you've seen it before. Perkins for all his Norman Bates vibes possesses a smooth voice which is a pleasant addition to Forester/McDowell. The special effects are awesome. So are the colors of the beautiful sets. Call me a cave man but i prefer real effects to obvious fake CGI.

The Centry Robots are okay. But did the director get the memo? They shouldn't walk like wind up toy soldiers? S.T.A.R. was cool. Especially the name. But he got outwitted by Old B.O.B.? Either too confident or simply stupid. You decide. I loved the sliding door sounds. Watching it in the dark. As I do. I find myself drawing for a pistol that isn' there. It makes the movie quite jumpy-especially when Captain Holland views the Humaniod Funeral. Forster's portrayal of Holland deserves a sequel. He was cool. Period. The obvious love between Dr. Kate McCrae & Capt. Holland deserved more than a rescue mini-hug. A long wet minute kiss would be nice. Perhaps an implied morning after. It was PG after all. Might as well Milk The PG Cow For All You Can Get. They made a great pair. He was handsome and rugged; she was sexy and brainy.

spectrum777spectrum777 on June 15th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Remembering The Black Hole (1979)
Wonderful review. Indepth. Intelligent. Genuine. I give you four stars out of four!
spectrum777spectrum777 on June 15th, 2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
Speechless. Your comments begin where every other's comments end. No words can explain the mastery that is you.