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30 October 2009 @ 11:36 pm
Chris Mason Down An Eerily Similar Path  
Columbus Bluejackets goaltender Chris Mason has been nowhere near the form that won him the Calder Trophy. So far. And this could change. But so far, his career has been sort of similar to Montreal Canadiens' Carey Price. Price was Top Goalie and MVP at the World Juniors. Mason was Top Goalie and MVP at the World Juniors. Price won the AHL Championship. Mason won the Calder. Since then, Price has looked lost and out of his element Playing like an AHL All-Star rather than an NHL one. Mason has looked lost and out of his element. A high GAA on a defense first time is bad. No wonder Ken Hitchcock looks steamed half the time. How much longer will it be before fans start asking: Perhaps we should've kept Pascal LeClaire. Remember. Before his injury woes last year, he has a superb year. Leading the NHL in SO's and yet was snubbed at the All-Star Game.

Seeing just how many goalies come-and-go. Win the Calder, and fade away into oblivion. Jim Carey, Andrew Raycoft, and Blaine Lacher just to name a few. Okay, The Loch Ness Monster didn't win the Calder but he has a great rookie year who quickly became a fan favorite. But his fortunes quickly changed the following year when he couldn't stop a beach ball from crossing the line. And had the fans chanting "Let 'Em In" Lacher.

Perhaps management jumped the gun by letting Leclaire go. The Sophomore Slump hits all positions. But when it hits the Last Line Of Defense. It's placed under a far bigger microscope. And the spotlight highlights every error. Perhaps Bluejacket management should've kept both young goaltenders and have them push each other in order to achieve optium output and production. Knowing there's a kid waitin' in the wings who could spell you very easily will prevent a young ego and GAA from ballooning out of control.
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